The poles are here!

The Crags finally have their information 'totem poles'! After much collaboration between Friends of the Crags and community company Shed Heads of Edlington, the first of the beautifully carved information poles were unveiled this week. Friends chairman Tony Sellars and [READ MORE]

The poles are here!2022-05-13T11:48:19+01:00

Stand by for new Crags adventures!

Fancy racing a soap box or a radio-controlled car down the Crags? Or pelting things with fruit? And how about learning to live out in the open, foraging for your food?! These were just some of the ideas under discussion at [READ MORE]

Stand by for new Crags adventures!2022-05-13T11:48:58+01:00

On your markers!

The first 100m walking distance markers have now been 'planted' in the Crags linear park, as its rebirth as a local leisure facility continues. Crags Friend Leon Clemitshaw joined workers from Doncaster borough council in setting the first tranche of distance [READ MORE]

On your markers!2022-05-13T11:49:07+01:00

How green is our valley!

The Lady's Valley section of The Crags is now regaining its former beauty - after a massive clean-up undertaken by local councillors and Friends of The Crags, with Leon Clemitshaw leading from the front! A veritable mountain of glass and rubbish [READ MORE]

How green is our valley!2022-05-13T11:49:15+01:00