Our Aims and Objectives

These are the group’s broad range of aims and objectives:

  • To ensure The Crags are maintained as a high quality and safe accessible open space for both the benefit of wildlife and people
  • To conserve and where possible enhance the quality of calcareous grassland and other habitat for the benefit of species diversity
  • To ensure the Crags maintains and improves access to it’s historical sites
  • Remove the trees that are obstructing the views near the seating areas.
  • Replace all the trees removed, at the appropriate ratio, with native trees at the new sites
  • To provide suitable facilities and opportunities for public enjoyment of the site for present and future generations, providing they do not conflict with the nature conservation requirements
  • To provide maximum opportunities to engage with the open space as a place of active recreation
  • To provide maximum opportunities for interpretation and encourage education
  • To encourage community involvement in the site, and encourage active involvement in the management of the site
  • To ensure that antisocial behaviour is controlled and its impacts reduced
  • To ensure Campsall Country Park is maintained as a high quality and accessible open space for both the benefit of wildlife and people
  • To apply for Green Flag Status
  • To protect open space through Fields in Trust status
  • To undertake an annual review schedule of maintenance
  • To maintain current levels of inspection
  • To seek to improve methods of inspection to improve asset data
  • To ensure all enhancements are suitable and appropriate in line with the management plan
  • To identify funding for future parks projects