Friends of the Crags members collect a mammoth ELEVEN sack of litter on their recent walk to the ancient Roman lookout post at the top of the North Cliff crags this week.

The group walked from Copley Avenue, Conanby, on Friday, October 14, to the spot where the lookout post is believed to have been situated.

From it, the Romans were able to control crossings of the the River Don (or Dunn, as it was), as the lookout post had sight of the two major river crossings in the area.

Several scraps of Roman pottery have been discovered on the Crags over the years and there is evidence of a Roman settlement at Hill Top, close to the lookout point.

* Let’s try and keep this area clean and tidy! People really shouldn’t have to spend their time picking up the discards of others – so if you or anyomne you know throws down litter with out a thought, have a word with them.. or yourself.. about it!