Friends of The Crags and The Crags project

Who are the Friends of The Crags?

We are a newly formed group from the local community.

Over the years the Crags has gained a poor reputation and is now a much underused community asset. Our role as the Friends of the Crags group is to bring this beautiful, valuable and unique area, back into community use.

Sadly in the past this part of our heritage has become overgrown, neglected and the beautiful views as was, are no longer there due to the overgrown trees and shrubs obscuring these views.

Further to this, the lights are no longer as effective as they could be – due to the overgrown trees and vegetation.

As a result this asset is no longer used by the majority of the community.

As part of ongoing consultation with the communities of Conisbrough and Denaby, certain priorities have been identified.

These include safety in the area – with better lighting and CCTV coverage, along with better shrub and tree management. Also identified in the consultation were walking/cycling paths and more facilities for families.

Our immediate priorities, along with the support of our partners DMBC, are to cut back the shrubs and some branches to make the paths easier and safer to walk; to develop a walking and cycling path; to improve the CCTV and lighting on the Crags.

We’re also looking to provide family areas along with an outdoor gym.

So far, the overgrown paths have been cut back and steps are being taken to improve the lighting. We are looking to identify those areas that are now overgrown, but are of particular interest to the community, e.g., The Stone Railway, The Swing park,The Sledging runs, along with the Bell Pits.

We need help of Conisbrough and Denaby communities in identifying these and other attractions.

Here’s where you can help!

If you have any photos or any memories of the Crags, please help us by supplying them.

If you have any ideas about the Crags, any stories or photographs, please EMAIL us here or visit our CONTACT page

Further information and dates of meetings etc., will be posted on this website and also on our Facebook page, “Friends of the Crags”.