If you want to brush up on your local nature, the Friends of the Crags have a fabulous outing this Friday (August 5)!

Doncaster Naturalists’ Society are the visitors, and they will be walking the Crags, documenting and explaining local wildlife, flora and fauna sa they go.

This event starts at the Crags Road (Balby Street School entrance) at 10.30 am.

Depending on numbers we may have two exciting walks.

Walk one will go from the Crags Road entrance up to the Ancient Woodlands.

Walk two will go from Crags Road to visit the Ladies’ Valley.

Both walks will end with refreshments at the community allotment.

All walks are free – so if the kids are getting under your feet, here is a great day out to teach them about theit local heritage!

Important note: Please wear suitable footwear for both of events.