20th Century

20th Century Sledging - During the snowy winter evenings, the Crags become a focal point for the sledging with home-made sleds. Sledging runs (some of which are still in use) are given the following names: The Elbow - from the reservoir [READ MORE]

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18th Century

1745-1760 - Stone tramway. North Cliff Quarry (later Lady's Valley) begins operation. A railway of stone is built down the Crags to transport trams filled with stone from the quarry to the Limestone kilns below, winched down by hand. A century [READ MORE]

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15th Century

1400s - An early trading route (a great trackway running from the Midlands) crosses the Crags and fords the River Don near what becomes Denaby Main. From 1487 -  Bell Pits (a crude and dangerous method of mining coal and iron [READ MORE]

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