20th Century Sledging – During the snowy winter evenings, the Crags become a focal point for the sledging with home-made sleds. Sledging runs (some of which are still in use) are given the following names:

  • The Elbow – from the reservoir down past the Swing Park and on towards St. Albans Church
  • The Snake / The Welfare – from Halifax Avenue down to the Miners Welfare
  • The Yorkshire Bumps – from the reservoir straight downhill toward Balby Street School
  • The Looney – from a point between Montague Avenue and Halifax Avenue over rough terrain
  • The Shute – from Copley Avenue
  •  The Roly Poly – a more gentle run for beginners, from Fullerton Avenue snicket down a short way toward the Snake

1901 – Output ceases at North Cliff Limestone Quarry (Lady’s Valley).

1902-3 – The Bagmuck Strike. A dispute over pit pay sees families evicted from their colliery-owned homes… many having to live rough on the Crags.

1902 – Denaby and District Civilian Miniature Rifle Club formed in Lady’s Valley. Taken over by the Territorial Army in 1922.

1924-27 – Conanby estate of 400 houses built at the top of the Crags.

1927 – Conisbrough Urban District Council lay metalled footpaths across the Crags.

1929 – A ‘rec’ called the Swing Park is created by CUDC and the local Miners’ Welfare schemes. It is replaced by soccer pitches in the mid 1960s.

1935 – RAF plane crashes close to the Powder Works in Denaby Woods. Pilot has a lucky escape.

1936 – Lady’s Valley hosts a bonfire party for the accession of the new King.

1938 – Air raid shelters for up to 160 people and defensive trenches set up on the Crags by Conisbrough Urban District Council.

1945 – Fighter plane (Hurricane or Spitfire) crash lands in Denaby Woods. The pilot is treated in Fullerton Hospital, Denaby.

1960s – Go-Karting becomes a Crags feature and Northcliffe School sets up its own Go-Kart Club.

March 1966 – Aliens! Three alien spaceships and captured on camera, flying across Conisbrough, over The Crags.

1968 – Denaby Main Colliery closed.

1980s – Crags are re-forested with new trees as part of a Youth Employment scheme.

1986 – Cadeby Main Colliery is closed down on Christmas Eve and the sight of colliers crossing the Crags becomes an overnight memory.

2019 – Friends of The Crags formed to resurrect the Crags to their former glories.