Totem time has come to The Crags! As we move out of the depressing Covid-19 lockdown, the Friends of The Crags group has gone into overdrive to catch up the virus hiatus.

And top of the agenda are the totem poles that will mark the major entrances to The Crags park site.

These wooden poles are now being worked on at the Shed Heads group in Edlington.

Recent investigations have revealed that Copley Avenue may in fact the site of an ancient Roman lookout post, and as such, thought is being given to placing a totem pole there too.

Meanwhile, the planned wooden distance markers are also being worked on, at Sandak Beat in Doncaster. These will be erected 100 metres apart, from the site of the Hillside Academy to the Ancient Wood, to give walkers a measure of their efforts.

Watch this space for more exciting developments soon!