Lighting has returned to the Crags, making the area safer for people to traverse on these short winter days.

Doncaster Council have replaced or upgraded all the lighting columns to ensure that they are working again, some after years of disuse – and already local residents are making their delight known to the Friends of the Crags, whose campaigning has helped sort the issue.

Local DMBC councillor Ian Pearson has worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to restore the lights and he explained that whilst there are no council plans to extend the lighting in the area, this is possibly a point for discussion once the virus is behind us.

He said: “I have spent the last 12 months working to get this problem solved.

“Due to the fact that no works have been done on these columns in years, they were of a design that no longer existed, and the manufacturer that made them is long gone.

“Working with the lighting engineers we have found a different column manufacturer to create the winding mechanism in order that these columns can be lowered and raised.

“They are obviously of the new regulation standard so they light the footways without causing excess light pollution due to the sensitivity of the wildlife in and around the Crags.

“This work will enable other sites that have this winding mechanism to be maintained now.

“Everybody’s comments have been extremely positive  on the works done.”