20th Century

20th Century Sledging - During the snowy winter evenings, the Crags become a focal point for the sledging with home-made sleds. Sledging runs (some of which are still in use) are given the following names: The Elbow - from the reservoir [READ MORE]

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19th Century

1800 to present day - Various stories of Crags ghosts and ghouls. 1840 - Swinton Road is built from Brook Square in Conisbrough to link Mexborough and Swinton. It will become Low Road, the A6023. 1849 - the Tinsley & Doncaster [READ MORE]

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18th Century

1745-1760 - Stone tramway. North Cliff Quarry (later Lady's Valley) begins operation. A railway of stone is built down the Crags to transport trams filled with stone from the quarry to the Limestone kilns below, winched down by hand. A century [READ MORE]

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15th Century

1400s - An early trading route (a great trackway running from the Midlands) crosses the Crags and fords the River Don near what becomes Denaby Main. From 1487 -  Bell Pits (a crude and dangerous method of mining coal and iron [READ MORE]

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14th Century

1370 - First recorded ferry between Old Denaby and Mexbrough. Pathway across the Crags to the ferry links St Peter's Church, Conisbrough and St John the Baptist Church, Mexbrough. Route probably skirted Lady's Valley, with another pathway alone what is now [READ MORE]

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12th Century

The Church of St John the Baptist built at Mexbrough in the 1100s.

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11th Century

Conisbrough Castle built following William's conquest of Britain in 1066

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8th Century

680-750AD - St Peter's Church built at Conisbrough, utilising a single central nave.

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To 3rd Century

43-410AD - Romans are believed to have erected an observation tower on the top of the Crags overlooking the Don crossing at the Roman Ricknield Street track, linking the Midlands and the North-East via Adwick-le-Street.

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