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Crags clean-up

A Doncaster Council clean-up of The Crags began today (Tuesday, February 4), as the authority began cutting back grass and vegetation in the area. The authority confirmed that litter picks would go ahead at the same time - both during and [READ MORE]

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Flower power

Spring should see a bloom of flower power on the Crags approaches outside the school at Station Road, Conisbrough - a consignment of wild flower seed has now arrived and this will be sown in April.

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Smile – you’re on camera!

Here's a word of advice to ne'er-do-wells on the Crags, ESPECIALLY flithy fly-tippers... there are now no less than 28 CCTV cameras in operation around the area at secret locations, recording all that goes on, a Friends of The Crags meeting [READ MORE]

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Let there be lights!

And there will be new lights on The Crags - now that the key to changing the bulbs has been found! A recent meeting of Friends of the Crags was told why the lights have gone out in some areas of [READ MORE]

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Crags in Pictures

Well done to the Youngsters in Years 2 & 3 at Denaby Main Primary School - who were asked to imagine The Crags as a nature and leisure spot. They soon turned their hands to some wonderful, colourful creations. You can [READ MORE]

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Catch-up meeting

There will be a "catch-up" meeting of Friends of The Crags leadership on will be on Thursday, January 30, at Conisbrough Baptist Church, starting at noon - at which members will learn of the outcome of the recent stakeholders' meeting, and [READ MORE]

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Walk leaders needed

Be a walk leader! The Friends of The Crags are looking for volunteer Walk Leaders to conduct tours of this beauty spot. As a volunteer walk leader, you’ll be helping people in your community to get active and healthy, providing vital [READ MORE]

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20th Century

20th Century Sledging - During the snowy winter evenings, the Crags become a focal point for the sledging with home-made sleds. Sledging runs (some of which are still in use) are given the following names: The Elbow - from the reservoir [READ MORE]

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19th Century

1800 to present day - Various stories of Crags ghosts and ghouls. 1840 - Swinton Road is built from Brook Square in Conisbrough to link Mexborough and Swinton. It will become Low Road, the A6023. 1849 - the Tinsley & Doncaster [READ MORE]

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