The first 100m walking distance markers have now been ‘planted’ in the Crags linear park, as its rebirth as a local leisure facility continues.

Crags Friend Leon Clemitshaw joined workers from Doncaster borough council in setting the first tranche of distance markers, close to the entrance to Balby Street School, on Monday, October 18. The markers will help walkers see how much ground they have covered on the Crags.

When set, they extend to about a metre above ground level, at the sides of the pathways.

Meanwhile, the ‘totem poles’ that will mark the main entrances to the Crags site are now with the Shedheads group for carving. Aside from carved information for walkers, they will include carved patterns taken from the Bayeux Tapestry – the tapestry marking the Battle of Hatings of 1066.

The poles are of oak and as such are very heavy, and the best way of mounting the totems is now being considered.