1800 to present day – Various stories of Crags ghosts and ghouls.

1840 – Swinton Road is built from Brook Square in Conisbrough to link Mexborough and Swinton. It will become Low Road, the A6023.

1849 – the Tinsley & Doncaster Trust Swinton branch line railway opens. It runs from Goole to Swinton, through the Don valley.

1863-68 – Denaby Colliery sunk and opened. First of 1,700 houses built on Danaby Mine Estate – which would become Denaby.

1878 – Prehistoric Bones. Bones of a mammoth, rhinoceros, horse and a hyena – more than 11,000 years old, and possibly 65,000 years – found in clay on Denaby Crags, by workmen laying the area’s first water pipes. The hyena appeared to have gnawed on the bones of the other creatures. All probably lived in a cave high in the Crags, when the Don was actually a huge lake covering the whole of what is now the valley.

1889 – Powder Works – making bombs, explosives and detonators – opened in Denaby Woods.

1889-93 – Cadeby Main Colliery sunk and opened.

1895-99 – Denaby reservoir built at the top of teh Crags, with water pumped from Cadeby Main Colliery.

Late-19th to mid-20th Century – Lady’s Valley, a notorious courting, picnic, gambling, prostitution and prize-fighting spot close to the North Cliff sandstone quarry, becomes popular.